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Oracle Version History And New Features General   General2  
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10G And 10g New Features
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9i And 9i New Features
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8i And 8i New Features
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DATAGUARD or Standby Database
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ASM: Automatic Storage Management
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Flashback, Recycle Bin, Flash Recovery Area
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VPD or Advanced Security
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UNIX Related
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ODP.NET software FAQ     ODP Sample Code
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ODT: Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET
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External Tables
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Export & Import
-- monitoring export/import speed:
        SUBSTR(sql_text, INSTR(sql_text,'INTO "'),30) table_name
      , rows_processed
      , ROUND( (sysdate-TO_DATE(first_load_time,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss'))*24*60,1) minutes
      , TRUNC(rows_processed/((sysdate-to_date(first_load_time,'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss'))*24*60)) rows_per_minute
          sql_text like 'INSERT %INTO "%'
      AND command_type = 2
      AND open_versions > 0;


Data Modeling
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LogSwitch vs. Checkpoint
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Rollback Segment, ORA-1555, snapshot too old, Undo Management
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Find and remove duplicate rows from a table    

Top-N Queries, rownum, rank(), range query( m to n)     orafaq     range query: getting rows N through M    

Cold Backup vs. Hot Backup
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Complete Recovery, Incomplete Recovery, controlfile
Database Cloning
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drop delete truncate high water mark
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primary unique constraints, null, not null
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LMT: Locally-Managed Tablespace, ASSM: Automatic Segment Space Management, Buffer Busy Waits
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Data Blocks, Extents, and Segments, Datafile, Tablespace
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Bitmap Index, Bitmap Join Index
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Partitioned Tables And Indexes
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OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ Scatter Read vs. Sequential Read
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